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Meet Your Facilitators

Cabin Track Facilitators



Andrea Replogle

As an Atheist in college, the first time I seriously considered God was while sitting in the Swiss Alps on a research project and being completely captivated with the creation. Time, matter and chance just didn't seem to work for me anymore. Now, having been in ministry at some level for 20 years, I feel the need to unplug and enjoy Jesus in creation whenever I can. Women's Wilderness was created to do that for any woman who has a heart to minister. Ministry is hard work and I love to watch Jesus breathe life back into his daughters when they come together to seek His face. Recently, however, I realized that as much as I long to bless others through this program, God may have put the whole thing in motion just for me given how hard my journey has been at times. We serve a gracious God who knows our needs before we know them.  Praise God!


Camping Track Facilitators

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Chelsea Rinehart

I am a nature girl that finds a distinct restfulness when I am alone in the wilderness. Something about solitude in an open space with fresh air allows me to take my most refreshing inhales and exhales. In nature I feel safe and especially in tune with the voice of God. This is why I love Women's Wilderness. For the last two years this excursion has afforded me the space to be refreshed and re-envisioned at the end of a busy school year in ministry with H2O at Kent State University. I look forward to venturing into the woods of Tennessee this Spring and expect an intimate encounter of exhaling and inhaling in the arms of my Lord.