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Cabin Tracks

We offer two cabin experiences that are focused on reflection and refreshment. Our Main Cabin is more focused on refreshment and has space for 3-4 woman with 2 leaders. The Main Cabin is equipped with 5 beds and each women has her own bed for resting when she needs it. Our Solitude Cabin in more focused on reflection and has space for 3-4 women. The Solitude Cabin involves less interaction and scheduling and allows for a high degree of flexibility according to needs.

Both cabins take 2 extensive hikes over the 4 days together and include elements of silence and solitude as well. One day is for fasting, but we share dinner together during the other days. Our evenings often include time in front of the fireplace with worship and prayer. One of the Cabin Tracks is right for you if you need a time with other women for fellowship, rest and refreshment or some quiet space for reflection.


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